Friday, November 21, 2008

And the Winner is...

Those of you who know me know I am NOT a fan of Twilight. I think it is dramatic, sachrine, and a dangerous example of unhealthy relationships. That being said, I saw the film last night and didn't die. In fact I thoroughly enjoyed Robert Pattison's retro coif- very James Dean. I have to say that the film's hairsylists out did themselves, at least when it comes to the Cullen clan. Otherwise, the film was tolerable with the occasional bout of nerd chills- which was to be expected. And let's face it, anything is better than working on my paper or studying for my

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

I wonder what the other one is like!
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Sunday, October 05, 2008


So I have been struggling with ulcers for the last two months or so. They have gotten to the point that I am fully willing to take acedophilus, which my mom is convinced cures everything. Obviously I am under massive stress, and I have heartburn if I even look at chocolate or carbonation the wrong way, but no matter what I eat I seem to die of it 20 minutes later. So I decided to sit down and make a list of what I eat throughout the day- I have discovered that it would help if I didn't eat my weight in LemonHeads while I study. I bought a couple of cheap bags and keep them in my locker for when I have really long days- a sugar buzz. Well that sugar buzz is eating away at the lining of my stomach faster than battery acid, so I think I'll give them up now.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

I eat lunch by myself

This is probably going to sound like pity party, and it is, but I need to vent and then I will get over it. I have a theory that law school is just high school all over again on a much higher intellectual level- meaning people figure out how to snub you in much more interesting ways. I just haven't found my niche and I am trying to make friends, but nobody really seems interested. Even the cliques in law school are like high school. The granolas stick together, the jocks, the lesbians, the youngsters, the geeks... there isn't really a group for thirty-something chubby girls. So, I eat lunch by myself every day. Pathetic.

My cool mom realized I was sick of eating luch by myself and rode trax up and went to lunch with me. I love my mom!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

So Sue Me!

Law school continues to be ridiculously hard, but I really enjoy my torts class. You would not believe the kinds of things you can sue people for... not that you should, or should you? Today we discussed a little old man and his wife who were sick to death of trespassers and burglars breaking into their abandoned farm house. So the little old man sets up a spring trap (a loaded shot gun rigged to go off when someone opened the bedroom door) aimed about midway up the door. His wife suggests lowering it just a little bit- no need to kill anyone when a good maiming will suffice. Anyway, as luck would have it this ejit (idiot- my mom's version) breaks into the farmhouse looking for "very valuable" glass jam jars (who steals canning goods?!) and opens the bedroom door. He pretty much got his entire leg blown off and proceeded to sue the little old man and his wife. He won the case- a burglar in the middle of commiting a crime on someone else's property! It turns out you can't kill or do major bodily harm to trespassers in an attempt to protect your property.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Teachers are brave souls!

"Exactly why David Pologruto, a high-school physics teacher, was stabbed with a kitchen knife by one of his star students is still debatable. But the facts as widely reported are these:
Jason H., a sophomore and straight-A student at a Coral Springs, Florida, high school, was fixated on getting into medical school. Not just any medical school – he dreamt of Harvard. But Pologruto, his physics teacher, had given Jason an 80 on a quiz. Believing the grade – a mere B – put his dream in jeopardy, Jason took a butcher knife to school and, in a confrontation with Pologruto in the physics lab, stabbed his teacher in the collarbone before being subdued in a struggle.
A judge found Jason innocent, temporarily insane during the incident – a panel of four psychologists and psychiatrists swore he was psychotic during the fight. Jason claimed he had been planning to commit suicide because of the test score, and had gone to Pologruto to tell him he was killing himself because of the bad grade. Pologruto told a different story: “I think he tried to completely do me in with the knife” because he was infuriated over the bad grade.
After transferring to a private school, Jason graduated two years later at the top of his class. A perfect grade in regular classes would have given him a straight-A, 4.0 average, but Jason had taken enough advanced courses to raise his grade-point average to 4.614 – way beyond A+. Even as Jason graduated with highest honors, his old physics teacher, David Pologruto, complained that Jason had never apologized or even taken responsibility for the attack.
The question is, how could someone of such obvious intelligence do something so irrational – so downright dumb? The answer: Academic intelligence has little to do with emotional life. The brightest among us can founder on the shoals of unbridled passions and unruly impulses; people with high IQs can be stunningly poor pilots of their private lives." - Emotional Intelligence by Daniel Goleman.

Here is the follow up...